Free Words: A Handbook for Individual and Group Exercises

EPW_okladka_ENGFreedom seems to be one of the most basic yet desirable and prominent values, which keeps reappearing in poetry. No wonder a new EPoF publication is entitled “Free Words: A Handbook for Individual and Group Exercises”

Grzegorz Jankowicz and Zofia Król, the editors, perceive the bond between freedom and poetry as something natural and indisputable. Their book is a real creative masterpiece, as it gathers interviews, essays and comments concerning both authors and translators, but most importantly, all crucial information about poets and their works is captured in infographics.

Each one is individually designed to picture the most distinguishing features of the festival artists: Yahya Hassan, Anikó Polgár, Siergiej Stratanowski, Daniel Jonas, Lidija Dimkovska, Vanni Bianconi, Ana Blandiana. Infographics contain passages from the poems, quotes or life facts. These artistic and original summaries were prepared by Jakub Woynarowski whose projects balance between visual theory and practice. He creates comic books, visual essays, films and installations.


Infographic about Yahya Hassan (click to enlarge)

“Free Words: A Handbook for Individual and Group Exercises” is worth reaching for not only for the sake of poetry but meaningful issues which surround us as well.