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Pedrals interview

On the edge of a cliff Xavier Farré Vidal in conversation with Josep Pedrals   Foreign readers may find the structure of your books quite puzzling. How would you define these three collections? Are they parts of a series? Are they novels in verse? Is this prose within poetry? Who is an artistic reference point for you? Do you think your work has anything in common with, for example, the work of Derek Walcott, whose poems are quite epic in (…)

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Pedrals esej

Xavier Farré Vidal A LABYRINTH OF OPEN ROOMS. JOSEP PEDRALS’ POETRY   Josep Pedrals is an unusual case in Catalan literature. He seems to have more in common with other European poets – of a rather specific trend – than with contemporary authors writing in his own language. He writes poetry that negotiates with traditions by employing formal elements and combinatorial possibilities in a manner reminiscent of the OuLiPo group and their descendants. The results constantly surprise the reader. Delving (…)

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Ivory Esej

Krystyna Dąbrowska Helen Ivory. Female Polyphony   When I think of Helen Ivory, a poet, but also an artist who creates collages and assemblages, I imagine her rummaging around a flea market, finding crippled toys and dollhouse equipment, a miniature stool and an old-fashioned black telephone the size of a cockroach, which she will use in The Marvel of Hearing – one for her art compositions. I see her picking up shells by the sea — they will be useful (…)

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Barendson wywiad

I need a strike of lightning in my mind Samantha Barendson in conversation with Marta Eloy Cichocka     Marta Eloy Cichocka: In your biographical note we read: “a French, Italian and Argentine poet who was born in Spain, grew up in Argentina and Mexico, to eventually live in French Lyon”. Since you are fluent in French, Italian and Spanish, I wonder how you define yourself in these languages. For example, two terms for women practicing poetry coexist in Spanish: (…)

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