General description:

The European Poet of Freedom Festival welcomes all children to join the Seven Adventures Club. In preparation for the forthcoming festival the City Culture Institute has prepared seven journeys inspired by the home countries of the nominees for The European Poet of Freedom Award: Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania and Russia. Meetings and workshops combining various artistic and creative activities will enable our little guests to experience cultural and literary heritage of the nominees.

The meetings of the Seven Adventures Club will take place in the hall of the City Culture Institute (address: Długi Targ 39/40, Gdańsk).

21 November: Romania

In the first part of the adventure visitors from Transylvania, vampire Drako and his family, come to Gdańsk and need help to investigate a mysterious and dangerous matter… Activities, prepared and supervised by Igor Fijałkowski, an actor and puppeteer, include role-play games, a meeting with Dracula, a doll-making workshop, Transylvanian fables accompanied by a puppet show. Igor Fijałkowski, an actor and puppeteer.

For the luch break culinary bloggers from have prepared Romanian desserts and snacks.

The second part of the adventure presents the region of Transylvania and its exceptional castles, their architecture and origins. Małgorzata Darowna, Gdańsk University of Technology graduate and architect, explains how castles were built and maintained, and offers practical advice on the art of castle building in the workshop.


12 December: Hungary

In the first part of the Hungarian adventure “Rabbit and Deer”, Péter Vácz’s critically acclaimed animated film, narrates a story of friendship and… three dimensions. Adam Polkowski, the winner of the Polish speedcubing competition and co-founder of, presents Ernő Rubik’s invention and shows how to solve Rubik’s puzzle.

Julianna Dorosz, an actor from Podlachia, introduces children to the world of Ervin Lázár’s stories through an acting/puppereering performance narrating the adventures of poet Laurius, master Bolt, fiddler Violin and flighty Clopedia Pocket.

For the lunch break culinary bloggers from „Wszystko co kocham” have prepared Gundel pancakes and Dobos torte – delicious Hungarian desserts.

In the second part of the adventure two modules are offered: a workshop on Hungary folk embroidery patterns and a puppet-making workshop. In the first module Marta Tomaszewska-Gruszka, a painter and graphic designer, talks about the golden era of Hungarian folk culture and shows traditional embroidery patterns in order to inspire children to draw their own interpretations with oil pastels. The second module encourages children to create puppet poets for inspiration in poetic creation.


9 January: Denmark

In the first module Zuzanna Wytykowska and Dominik Kostka help children make a stop motion animated film based on Hans Christian Andersen’s stories with the use of Lego® blocks.

In the second module Agnieszka Stelmaszczyk, a writer, traveller and adventurer, takes children on a quest to Bornholm to seek for the lost key to Asgard.

At the end of the Danish adventure we screen “Tigers and Tattoos”, Karl von Bengtson’s animated film.


23 January: Portugal


6 February: Italy

20 February: Macedonia

12 March: Russia

21 March, World Poetry Day: literary walk for children