European Poet of Freedom celebrates the continent’s contemporary poetry, enables Polish audiences to meet its creators, and directs attention to issues important to the shape and development of poetry.

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Croatian poet Monika Herceg wins the 2024 “European Poet of Freedom” Gdańsk Literary Award. The 34-year-old author is the youngest winner in the award’s history. Her translator, Aleksandra Wojtaszek, has also been recognised for her work. The jury noted that (…)
The European Poet of Freedom is a multifaceted poetry initiative, encompassing a festival, an award and a publishing series. We will be meeting in Gdańsk between 17 and 20 April for the 8th edition of the event. The 2024 European (…)
In the film Olga Tokarczuk, Anda Rottenberg, Krzysztof Czyżewski, Beata Stasińska, Anna Czekanowicz and Andrzej Jagodziński speak about what they found specially touching and interesting about poetry books nominated to the European Poet of Freedom Award 2024. Video with the (…)

Versopolis is a literary platform dedicated to poetry, founded in December 2014. Its aim is to support young European authors and promote their work beyond the borders of their home countries.