The European Poet of Freedom Literary Award is granted every two years, which means that the upcoming edition of the festival will take place in 2018. However, we already know the countries from which the nominations come from, namely: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Armenia, Moldova, Finland, Island, Great Britain, and Netherlands.

The nominated works must be written by living authors who come from one of 49 European countries. Moreover, the pieces had to be published in authors’ native or minority language. Nominations will be revealed in November this year. After announcing the nominations by Jury, the translators will start rendering the nominated volumes, which will be printed at the turn of 2017/2018. Traditionally, the publications will be bilingual and we will be able to read many of the poems in Polish for the first time.

The European Poet of Freedom Literary Award is organised by the City of Gdansk. The aim of the award is to distinguish and promote poetic phenomena, which take up one of the most essential contemporary themes – freedom, and which represent prominent artistic values.